Getting Started

If you want to know more about Mukurtu CMS:

  • See to read about the history of Mukurtu CMS, its features and upcoming development. To know more about next Mukurtu workshops and conferences around the world follow us on Twitter at @mukurtu
  • Look at Mukurtu Showcase to see how Mukurtu CMS its used by Indigenous communities in Australia and worldwide;
  • Play with the Mukurtu Australia Sandbox site. We can create a temporary login for you to test a Mukurtu site. 


If you are looking for support to manage your own cultural heritage and collection:

  • Access the free online training material;
  • Contact us to chat your needs or to book an online or on country awareness session or training.


If you know already Mukurtu CMS and you are ready to manage your own local digital keeping place:


If you are currently using Mukurtu CMS and have some technical issues:

  • Whether you already have a Mukurtu CMS site running, or just want to take a closer look at all that Mukurtu CMS has to offer, has you covered. With video tutorials, illustrated documents, and more, you can troubleshoot 24/7.
  • Contact us for more customised support and advice.